In case you’ve been too busy celebrating Canada Day to notice, Chris and Dave Hadfield released a music video for a song they wrote, “In Canada.”

scifairy whispered: I just want to say thank you for sharing the gloriousness of this man. Somehow I had almost forgotten--about the gloriousness, I mean. NEVER AGAIN. XD

Thank you for remembering the gloriousness! That’s what the blog is here for, and I’m hoping that during my between-degree break I can set up a massive queue! Welcome new followers. :-)

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Just hit 200 followers! I’m sorry I’ve been pretty neglectful here. I’m into end-of-term madness and getting ready to head into a PhD in the fall, so things are very good, but very crazy, and I am very grateful for everyone’s continued interest in this blog!


I was sitting next to Chris Hadfield, the astronaut and all-around badass, on stage at the Amanda Palmer show at TED. I asked for a photo with him and, like a boss, he made me stand up with him on stage. Amanda stopped the show until we were done. Then everyone clapped and we sat down. In short, when Chris Hadfield takes a fan photo, he takes a f!@&ng fan photo. Thanks @ashadevos !

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Astronaut Chris Hadfield and historian Dan Snow on Sunday Brunch, available on 4OD


-Photo by Sean Justice

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Chris Hadfield nails!!



I would just like to remind everyone that former military test pilot, astronaut, and commander of the ISS, chris hadfield has a serious fear of heights but still spent over 5 months 370 km above the earth, perpetually falling back to the ground not because he was able to “face his fears” but because he worked to understand how everything he would interact with in the time worked, why it worked, and that it would not fail him. 

you don’t have to conquer your fears to do extraordinary things, but you do need to understand them.

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savvysandhu whispered: I'm meeting Chris next Wednesday and I was wondering if you think he'd find it creepy if I screenshotted a photo of him on the ISS from the Space Oddity video and got him to sign a print for me haha... Also, I feel as if I may have a lot of hadfeels after my meeting with him.. Lol.

I don’t think he would find that creepy! From everything I’ve seen he’s really open and willing to sign a lot of different stuff for fans—from skateboards, to magazines. Some book signing venues have weird rules about signings though, so it would be a good idea to have a copy of An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth on hand just in case you can’t get your screenshotted photo signed. But if it’s up to Chris, I’d say he would definitely sign it.

And you will very definitely have a lot of Hadfeels after meeting him. After I met him it wasn’t until I got on the bus to head home that I realized that my hands were shaking! But have fun! It’s such a brief moment but he really is so personable and kind.

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